Best Apps to Learn English


Are you bored with online classes of English? Make your life easier as learning English is not that full of hassles. There are innumerable innovative and interesting ways to learn it. Apps are a superior way to learn the English language better. These are fun, having an intuitive interface to quickly access.


Using the best apps like having a mini classroom on your smartphone. These apps can make important supplements to your regular classes. You must try Grammarly Free Trial Account, it is a free writing app to make their online writing clear and effective. Now, you might be questioning yourself, “Which English learning app should I start with?” Okay, let’s dig into this article to see the best apps to download for learning English.


Duolingo - The amazing one:


Have you ever heard of the best English language learning app in the world? This is Duolingo where the 34 hours of training is similar to the duration of one University semester. The leading reason for becoming popular is the leaderboard challenge.


Here you will compete against the real players. It will seem like a fabulous game where upon winning, you will achieve virtual coins. Despite that, while playing games in Duolingo, you will accumulate grammatical structures and new vocabularies. Learning English has never been so fun before!


FluentU: Quickly learn English with real Videos 


Apart from the innumerable English learning apps in play store and apple store, FluentU actually stands out due to its innovative approach. It generally takes influences from real-life videos like commercials, music, news, and finally turns them into a better English Learning experience.


The significant part of that FluentU is it keeps track of the newly learning vocabulary. Thereafter, it provides you videos and examples with those words which you have already learnt. This app is highly recommended for those people who want some time to kill and learn English with some amazing content.


Hello Talk: Boost your aplomb while speaking and writing with native English Speakers 


Writing and speaking English confidently is our leading intention. Well, how long have you been striving with English? Here we have come with an app, which not only boosts your writing and speaking skills but also boosts your self-confidence.


You are going to love this app; you have not given it a try! This app allows you to have a conversation with people from all over the world. It promotes your immense speaking practice that so many people actually need.  This includes texting, video and audio calls, group chats, and so many significant features so that you can find friends.


The British Council - The best app for learning grammar


If you have been going through a lot of hassles due to Grammar, the time has come to choose a superior app for getting to grips with grammar. This British Council English learning app possesses innumerable lessons and games on various topics.


Make sure to start with beginner level questions, Gerunds, and gradually get those advanced lessons. This app provides something extra for every user. If you have accomplished, click ‘test’ to verify your improvements and see how much you have progressed. Ennoble your grammar skills with this free education mobile app.




Well, so you see, learning English is so much fun and addictive. You should not have to memorize vocabularies in a cumbersome way, or reading difficult books, or doing truckloads of grammar practices. With the help of these apps, one can efficiently be a pro in English. But make sure to understand that each English learning app is designed for different people while keeping in mind the various requirements. Therefore, based on your needs, you can try out these apps!